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Cat self groomer Brush – Interactive Cat Scratcher Corner Toy

11.99 $
This Cat Wall Brush is a Self-grooming Aid for Cats Helps Remove and Collect Loose Hair.Made of Eco-friendly Softer Plastic Bristles, which, Offers a Gentle Massage and Grooming Without Painful Removing of Fur or Scratching the Cat's Skin.

Interactive Cat Toy – Automatic Lifting Cat Ball Teaser

23.99 $
A fun and interactive cat toy ball that can quickly attract the cat’s attention, through the automatic rise and fall of the plush ball, the kitten’s hunting instincts gets easily stimulated. The Cat can play by itself without affecting your work. Safe and easy to install with smart power saving technology.
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Lint Remover Portable Fabric Shaver Pet Hair Remover

11.99 $
Portable lint remover is an instant way to look sharp and lint-free! Handy lint shaver features double-sided rakes to comb away lint, pilling, pet hair. No more sticky rolls to replace! With its comfortable wooden handle and compact design, this fabric shaver is perfect for home and travel.
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Pet water fountain – Automatic Filtered Water Dispenser Infrared Motion Sensor

81.99 $
The Automatic Cat Water Fountain is the best way to say "I love you" to your kitty! Now, your little fur baby will always have fresh water.Say goodbye to hairballs and other debris floating around in the water bowl! This system has filter action!